Dana’s tweet says it all.
Nick Diaz, not Carlos Condit, will challenge Georges St. Pierre for his title next. As Dana told it, GSP didn’t like how Diaz said he was scared, not hurt, in his post-fight interview with Joe Rogan following his win over BJ Penn tonight at UFC 136, and flipped out, asking for the fight with Diaz.


“I’ve known GSP since 2004, he’s one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met. GSP flipped out tonight when Nick was in the ring. Nick needs motivation, he’s got it. He’s gonna fight GSP,” White stated.
“I’m going to give him an ass whooping like no one’s ever seen,” St-Pierre conveyed through UFC President Dana White.
According to Dana, Carlos Condit agreed to step aside to let the fight happen, however Condit’s manager, Malki Kawa, claims that’s not how it went down.
“We didn’t step aside. That’s not what we do,” Kawa wrote in a text message to MMAWeekly.com. “GSP doesn’t want to fight Carlos.”
Whether he agreed to it or not, Condit is going step aside and GSP vs. Nick Diaz is going to happen, likely at the Super Bowl weekend card. Dana says Condit will also compete on that card, and if he wins, he’ll get the GSP-Diaz winner.
I’m sure some people will bitch about it not being fair to Condit, but I think GSP-Diaz is the right fight to make. Coming from Strikeforce, many people doubted if Nick Diaz was good enough to compete against the tougher competition in the UFC, let alone if he was worthy of fighting for the title. Diaz answered that question tonight with a record 178 significant strikes landed against BJ Penn. There’s no denying now that Diaz is an elite welterweight and after his performance tonight, during and after the fight, there’s no better time to make St. Pierre vs. Diaz happen. Dana White and the UFC would be stupid not to