Last week, Anderson Silva delivered somewhat of a rebuke to manager Ed Soares over Twitter, saying only he can speak for his fighting career and future. Now, he’s contradicted another of his manager’s statements from recent weeks.

Soares said in a couple of interviews in October that Silva was likely done after just four more fights in the UFC, and added that Silva wasn’t interested in extending his UFC contract past those four remaining fights.

Silva, however, seems to have a different plan.

“I’ll fight for another six or seven years and then I’ll stop,” Silva told De frente com Gabi (translated by ESPN UK). “I stopped to think about it and I’ll postpone my retirement for a little longer. Then I’ll think about TV.”

In comments from this same interview released last week, Silva had stated that he doesn’t think Chael Sonnen deserves to fight him for a second time, especially with failing his pre-fight drug test for their first fight. However, he went even further than that in the interview, saying Sonnen shouldn’t even be in the sport at all.

“I believe he shouldn’t be [in] the sport, because he has no emotional control,” Silva said. “While trying to provoke me, he makes the sport looks bad. He made bad comments, offended me and my wife.”