Just like with everything else in life, celebrities seem to all be copping a move right out of Justin Bieber’s playbook when it comes to cross-promotion by publicly calling for a piece of UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva’s time.

You may recall that Anderson joined the alleged 17-year-old baby-maker (the infant type, not the song) onstage during a recent concert and followed up the appearance with a head-scratching choreographed dance routine he performed on a Brazilian television show. Well, Snoop recognized the potential marketing cash cow of the team-up and has extended an offer for Anderson to join him on tour.
“Wat up, though? This is big Snoop Dogg. Anderson Silva, man, come hang out with yo’ boy Snoop Dogg, man. You just won a new championship belt,” Snoop explained. “Come bring it to the show so I can show you mine and we can mix and match and put some of that….in the air.”