Zuffa, LLC heeft gisteren naar buiten gebracht dat UFC-vechter Chris Leben positief is getest op Oxycodon en Oxymorphone tijdens UFC 138.

Dit met resultaat een schorsing van één jaar. Dana White laat weten dat hij Chris graag mag, maar dit gedrag kan hij niet goedkeuren dus een schorsing van een jaar is op zijn plaats.

Dana White:

“I like Chris and I want him to do well, but based on his actions, he’s been suspended for one year,” If he needs professional help, we are going to be there for him. We want to see him succeed not only in the Octagon, but in his personal life.”

Chris Leben:

“I would like to make it known that I fully accept this suspension and apologize for embarrassing the UFC, my friends and family, and sport of mixed martial arts,” Leben said. “I’m learning that I’m my own worst enemy sometimes. I can’t succeed in the Octagon or in life behaving this way. I’ve got to make some real changes over the next year and I’m going to focus on getting my life and career back on track. Again, I’m sorry to the UFC and fans that’ve supported me since my days on The Ultimate Fighter.”