Alistair Overeem:

“I’m now the most tested fighter in the sport. I will be tested four times in three weeks, and then at least twice more in the next six months in addition to any testing for my next fight. I have had people – I will politely call them ‘haters’ – accuse me of taking steroids since I was a 185-lb. kickboxer at the age of 17. When I was 20, I’ve fought at a weight of 222 lbs. I am now aged 31, and weigh 35 lbs. more. I don’t think 35 lbs is too much to grow in 11 years from a 20-year-old to 31-year-old. Facts are, I have been tested with the commission numerous times before when I fought in the U.S. and got tested in Japan. I always passed any testing, so hopefully now with these next tests coming and the fact of me being the most tested fighter in the sport, the critics may be satisfied. And if not, well, that’s not my problem, that is their problem.

Someone in an interview this week asked me if Brock is stronger than me. Maybe he is, but that’s not important. We are not having a weightlifting competition or a wrestling match, we are in the Octagon fighting MMA where there are more factors in play then just who is stronger and wrestling. The more I think it will end in the first round. We both like to finish fights quickly so people don’t blink because it might be over in seconds. Brock Lesnar is one of the best wrestlers out there, but he has a weakness which I can capitalize on. His biggest weakness is my biggest strength – I’m the better striker, that’s for sure. I am fully prepared. Brock is a very straightforward fighter. Look at his fights, you know right away what he is about: takedowns and ground and pound. There’s nothing unique or tricky about his style. It just so happens he is very good at that thing he does. I don’t think that is good enough to beat me. I respect him, but I don’t think he faced a fighter of my caliber as a mixed martial artist.”

The man, after all, has never tested positive.