Alistair Overeem laat in een interview met MMAweekly weten, dat hij het graag tegen Fedor wilt opnemen. Overeem laat weten respect te hebben voor ‘The Last Emperor’ maar noemt zijn management een stelletje ‘dickheads … using tricks’.

Alistair Overeem:

“I really wanted the Fedor fight to happen,” said Overeem. “I challenged him on two different occasions, before he fought Werdum and immediately after. Unfortunately the fight didn’t happen, and I basically let it go. He was the one I wanted to fight.
“Other than that, I wanted to fight Werdum, and that fight hapeend, so we’re good.”
“I’m going to tell you which fight I wanted .. Brock. Me versus Brock was something that I heard a lot fans speak about for a long time. But of course I was not with the UFC so that fight could not happen.”
“Of course after this one, when I win it, for the title.”
“UFC offered me a title fight, but then I had to wait til the winner of Dos Santos Cain Velasques plus injuries that would be six months. I’m a  fighter that likes to saty active. We played around with a few names, and came up with Brock. Him and I got enthusiastic and said yes.”
“I’m going to walk out of that Octagon victoriously. And have a nice after party.”