Tijdens de persconferentie van UFC 141 deelde Diaz een duw uit aan Cerrone en sloeg zijn hoed af. Nu komen beide heren aan het woord over dit opstootje.


“He was trying to tip his hat into my face and I’m no punk who will take that. He was mumbling some stupid crap about me needing to bring it. He don’t even believe what he’s saying. He’s trying to find confidence from somewhere. I will knock something else off his head Friday.”


“I’m not getting paid to fight today. I get paid on Friday when it counts. Let’s see if he’s brave enough to swat my hat off on Friday. Let’s see if he even comes close. Today, I acted like a professional. Friday, I’m gonna make him pay.”

Dana White is niet helemaal tevreden hoe het is gegaan tussen deze twee heren, Dana laat het volgende weten:

“There’s going to be times when heated stuff happens. I’m not happy that Nate slapped Cerrone’s hat off today. I don’t like the guys touching each other (before the fight). That’s why I’m standing there. I’m not there to mug up into the camera. I’m there to make sure that sh*t doesn’t happen. I didn’t do my job today, apparently. Everybody knows how nasty the Diaz brothers are. But Donald Cerrone’s not the nicest guy in the world either, you know what I mean?”

Morgen zullen we zien hoe het allemaal afloopt in de Octagon.