DREAM NYE show featuring MMA, kickboxing, mixed rules AND pro wrestling matches will be LIVE on @HDNET… every match. Big night!!
it’s 4 am. Past 24 hrs awake I’m gone and having just 2 much frickin fun with this. 🙂
thanks to all who watched our 9 HOUR live DREAM show! It was FUN!!!
BTW Fedor is SUCH a DIVA! Other fighters & us sat on bus for about 90 min after show because Fedor apparently needs a bus all to himself!
Even Bibi Fernandes and his team were booted off the second bus because “that is Fedor’s bus”, mind you these are like 70 seat tour buses!
seriously, it was just plain RUDE. Fighters want to get to their hotel we ALL HAD TO WAIT & Bibi had to clear off the Fedor bus
If greats like Hoost, JLB, Sefo, Schilt, Hunt, Hug, Aerts etc can all bus share, Fedor can too.
fancy booting Bibi Fernandes & his team off ONE BUS and onto the other more crowded one. Dude just won the B/W GP! #rude
Not to mention sitting there for 90 mins on a bus at 1230am waiting, waiting, waiting…
I get the “special treatment” thing but hey, hire a small private van or a limousine, I’v seen that done before. Don’t keep others waiting
sucked that I had to wait but more so guys who had fought their hearts out — Bibi, Banuelos, Saadulaev etc waiting 90 min!
MMAjunkieJohn John Morgan
But if you had to guess, do you think it was really specifically his demand? I tend to think not.
you know as well as I do you are your management. His demand or not it reflects poorly on him.
MMAjunkieJohn John Morgan
Good point. I just always get the impression he’s completely unaware of that stuff – or maybe just incredibly brilliant. 🙂
or maybe just incredibly naive?
Andy Hug was a far bigger star in Japan than Fedor and I never once knew Andy to order his own bus & clear out others. Fact.
AlexJCarrion Alex Carrion
Dont hate Fedor now!
no hate, I love Fedor’s style of fighting, huge fan, just saying the diva bus demand was harsh on other fighters waiting to go
Timsylviamma tim sylvia
 i don’t think it’s fedor I think it’s his people. He is not like that at all.
thanks Tim, I think so too. Trouble is that management reflects on their clients, hence this reflects on Fedor.
People saying Fedor’s KO is Ishii was fake. Many idiots in this world. Ishii’s nose would like to slap you for your silliness.
QANTAS ANNOUNCEMENT: “This flight has been delayed two hours. Please change aircraft, this is Fedor & M-1’s plane. Thank you”