MMA-vechtser Ronda Rousey laat weten dat ze er totaal niet van staat te kijken dat Santos anabole steroïde gebruikt heeft. Rousey noemt haar zelfs een bedrieger en is blij dat nu iedereen dat kan zien.

“I feel like anyone with half a brain isn’t surprised. I have mixed emotions of Cyborg being caught cheating because I know everyone knew she was cheating and I wanted to make an example of her because you don’t need to take steroids to win. I think her getting caught is a great thing too. I don’t have the least bit respect for her because I always knew she was a cheater, and now everyone else knows too. If she ever comes back to fight again, she won’t be the same beast she was before. She might even try doing different things like HGH that are harder to get caught for. Who knows if Strikeforce even wants her back?”

Op 4 maart komt Rousey (4-0) in actie tegen Miesha Tate (12-2) in de Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio.

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