In ESPSN’s “Outside the Lines” praat UFC-president Dana White over de Ken Shamrock kwestie. Voormalig UFC-vechter Ken Shamrock spande in 2007 een rechtzaak aan nadat hij door de UFC ontslagen was. Shamrock verloor de rechtzaak en moest $175,000 betalen aan het moederbedrijf van de UFC, Zuffa LLC.

Dana White inESPSN’s “Outside the Lines”:

“They went out and tried to talk to all these fighters,” White said. “The fighters were calling us going, ‘ESPN is here.’ One of them notably was Matt Serra. Matt Serra said, ‘They come in, they waste my f—— time, they set up all their cameras, and when I started giving the interview, they didn’t like what I was saying. They shut the f—— thing down and left.’ We had numerous fighters say that. They were calling me and saying ‘ESPN is showing up and wanted to do an interview, and when they don’t like what we say, they leave the interview.'”
“They had to dig so deep they had to find Ken Shamrock, the guy who ends up getting busted for steroids three times after he leaves the UFC. You couldn’t find a more honorable, honest and great guy to come out and interview than Ken Shamrock? I have absolutely zero respect for Ken Shamrock. I think Ken Shamrock is a horrible f—— human being.”
“(The UFC) started making money in 2005, 2006. It’s 2012. If you look at the money the guys made from 2006 to 2012, it’s phenomenal what we’ve done. These guys are coming out, and they got Ken Shamrock. Are you f—— kidding me? You know how much money Ken Shamrock owes me?
“Ken Shamrock filed a bogus lawsuit against us and lost. He owes us that money. Do you know what I’ve done for Ken Shamrock? Ken Shamrock, when I brought him over, he was broke – flat f—— broke. He was in income-tax trouble. His knee was shot. I rebuilt his knee. I got him out of income-tax trouble, fronted him a s—-load of money. We gave him money – literally gave him money – $60,000. We gave him $60,000 just to get him back on his feet. You know how much money he made in the two fights he fought with us? $2.5 million.
“F— you Ken Shamrock.”
“I want nothing to do with ESPN’s sneaky f—— ‘E:60’ and ‘Outside the Lines’ and all their crock of s— shows. These guys come out with an agenda.”