UFC-president Dana White liet onlangs in een interview met Telegraph weten dat de rivaliteit tussen de UFC en Pride één van de leukste momenten uit zijn leven was.

“It was some of the funnest moments of my life”

“Japan is an important market to us,” verteld White. “It is a place that was huge at one time. Some of the greatest fights that ever happened in MMA happened in Japan. And I’ve always said that huge rivalry between us and PRIDE, it was some of the funnest moments of my life. It was actually fun. If you look back throughout history, there’s only one show that I have ever said was a competitor to the UFC and it was Pride. Pride was the only show that I would ever put on the same level, and put on a pedestal that was the same as the UFC. Not only did it deliver great fights, they created a lot of great fighters. And it is the only other show that I have watched. I used to go there an watch it live. The whole days of the Pride organization were fun. It was a good time for me. Who knows if we can get back to the days of having 100,000 people in the stadium, but I think with the right fight, we could.”