@TimKennedyMMA: Nick Diaz was the aggressor of the fight while he was high as a kite is a testament to how good he really is and how much pot he can smoke.
@malkikawa: I was positive after 143…. Very positive, condit won… Lol
@kjnoons: Lmfao to the haters.
@FilthyTomLawlor: Telling me that the top fighters in MMA smoke pot regularly is like saying that @ryanbader and @Kingsbu suck at beerpong: FACT
@Schindiggity: Nick Diaz tests+ for weed, so Fkn what!! He should be praised for doing so well hi! Plus he has a medical marijuana license! Wtf
@ForrestGriffin: I don’t do drugs…. I suck naturally.
@MieshaTate: “@Michael_Pugh: @mayhemmiller and @MieshaTate What are your thoughts about Diaz’s test failure?” #stupid
@mayhemmiller: They shouldn’t test for it but they do.
@DUANEBANGCOM: “@spilledbagofice: Nick should just say there was some THC in a supplement he got from GNC. #blameGNC” everyone else does. Haha
@lastcall155: @KCBanditMMA The @DiazBrothers209 R 2 of the realist doods I’ve met in this sport! Ive got nuthin but good things 2 say about em. #Realtalk