In een recent interview laat UFC-vechter Rampage Jackson zich uit over UFC-commentator/interviewer Joe Rogan. Volgens Jackson denkt Rogan dat hij het allemaal heeft uitgevonden. Jackson vecht op 26 februari in Japan tegen Ryan Bader

“He’s so one-dimensional”

“If you win then Joe Rogan’s got to do an interview with you. And most likely he has been talking some crap about you and how you don’t throw leg kicks. ‘I don’t know why he don’t throw leg kicks’ – because Joe, I am fighting a wrestler who wants to take me down really bad, that’s why I’m not throwing leg kicks.”

“He’s so one-dimensional, he’s so one-dimensional’ – he’s going on about jiu-jitsu the whole time. That’s why I’m like, ‘Oh here comes Joe Rogan’ and he’s all fake in his face like he’s not just picked apart your whole game like he’s the best fighter in the world and he knows every decision you’re gonna make while he is just sitting there watching you.”

Hoe zal een gevecht tussen jou en Joe Rogan verlopen?

I would beat the s— out of Joe Rogan – as long as he don’t get me to the ground, because his jiu-jitsu is really good. I know he’s got good jiu-jitsu because he’s so biased towards jiu-jitsu guys. Every time a guy is a jiu-jitsu fighter Rogan might as well be playing the rusty trombone.

“Joe Rogan has one of those girly high-ass voices that you can hear. I just want to tell him to shut the f— up. Let’s see you do it. Let’s see you come in here and kick this mother-f—– who wants to take you down. Shut the f— up.”

“People can call me one-dimensional all they want. I don’t care – at the end of the day it’s my fight. I trained for this fight. People forget, I did Muay Thai fights, K-1, jiu-jitsu tournaments and I wrestled. One dimensional? Okay. Kiss my ass. I like to put on exciting fights.”

Joe Rogan reageert

Naar aanleiding van dit interview antwoord Rogan als volgt: “I think he’d beat the shit out of me too. :)”